What is the difference between praise and worship?

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Have you been to a church where at the beginning or end of every service they do “worship”? This usually is a session of three or four songs in praise to God that everyone sings together led by a group of musicians onstage. 

This is an important part of most church services, often being a driving force for why someone does or does not attend a particular church. Worship is so important to us that many churches even offer multiple services that are the same in every way except for the type of music people sing along to.

Why is this so important to us, and is this really what worship is?

Kind of. Music is a form of worship, but we should know it by its true name: praise.

What is the difference between praise and worship?

Praise and worship are both directed toward God and overlap in many ways but are different in nature.

Praise is the joyful recounting for what God has done and what He promises. We often do this in song with others or in our prayers. 

Worship is the act of losing yourself in the adoration of God. It can include acts of praise, such as prayer or singing, but it encompasses much more than that. Worship permeates every part of our lives when we let it.

The ways you think and act are a form of worship. How you treat others is a form of worship. How you treat nature is a form of worship. In other words, when you act as you believe God would want you to act, you are worshipping Him, especially if you’re keeping Him in your thoughts while acting. 

What are some ways you can worship and give your thoughts and actions to God in your daily life? It can be in your music, but it’s not restricted to that. If you don’t like singing, you can still worship in so many ways. Find what connects you most to God and pursue that with all your heart and strength.

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