How our perception of beauty is affecting our mental health

Bryant Golden Blog

Cosmetic companies, clothing companies and Instagram models all teach us one common thing: Physical beauty is important. However, constantly throwing physical beauty in the face of the public creates unhealthy self-images in a lot of people. 

So why do we see such a massive portrayal of physical beauty in commercials, on billboards and on social media? Well, physical beauty is so prevalent for two reasons: It sells products and it attracts attention. 

Companies that sell clothing, cosmetic products and personal accessories know that showing a physically attractive person using their product helps sell the product. Seeing a physically attractive person using a certain product tells your brain that you, too, could achieve the same kind of appearance and attraction if you use the same product. 

Then there’s attraction. Some of the most popular social media accounts only have a lot of followers purely because of the account holder’s physical beauty. This attracts followers, especially if the account holder is willing to show off a lot of his or her body.

Sex sells. Sex attracts. Sex can guide your thoughts if you’re not careful.

Healthy self-image and your quality of life

Of course, at Unfiltered Radio, we don’t believe sex is evil. When used correctly, it is one of the most amazing experiences of human life. However, twisting sex for hedonistic pleasure and false desires poisons our thoughts and teaches us to pursue fruitless means, such as the everlasting chase after physical beauty.

Instead of endlessly trying to make yourself look youthful, fit and attractive, you should focus on loving yourself as you are and having a healthier self-image. 

Try to recognize if your perception of yourself is causing you to feel sad, hurt or worthless. Learn to be kind to yourself and to accept your flaws. Remember that God loves you just as you are and, while it’s good to try and be fit for health reasons, your physical appearance has no bearing on how He sees you.

At Unfiltered Radio, we believe that beauty exists in everyone. It can be hard for some of us to see this in ourselves, which is why we constantly need a reminder from God and people we trust that we are beautiful and worth something. If you have an eating disorder because of the way you view yourself, please get help from a  professional. If you are simply looking to hear more from a community of people who love God and love their neighbors, check out our podcast series.