How do I love people I just don’t like?

Bryant Golden Blog

You just make a choice. But seriously. I think sometimes we try to make somethings cuter than they are. Just choose. I mean, if it’s simply that you don’t like the person, well, c’mon man. There will always be those people we don’t like. That’s life. So instead of bemoaning it or allowing it to fester and distract you from living your life, just acknowledge, “Yo, I don’t particularly care for this individual. But, we all deserve love and kindness so here goes nothin…” and then maybe buy them a coffee. Or just say hi. I don’t know. Do something out of the box to just throw this person off, in a good way. Chances are if you don’t like him/her, other people don’t either. And this person probably lives a lonely existence. So what if you could change all of that? What if one kind word or action changed this person’s day…or even life?
Maybe that’s dramatic. I doubt it though. We’ve all heard the stories of the people who were ignored and then that one day that one person did that one kind thing and BOOM. This person’s life’s trajectory was changed.
So I dare you. I dare you to show kindness to someone you just can’t stand. What could it hurt?