Four creative activities for married couples to do together

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So, you’ve married the love of your life … congratulations! Being married to the person you love the most is a wonderful thing. However, once you’re married, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying fun date activities together. 

Couples should keep dating while married to help keep the magic and fun in the relationship alive. Take a look below for some fun, creative activities for married couples to do together. 

Four creative activities for married couples to do together

  1. Go stargazing — This is an easy one because all you need is a blanket and maybe some wine to kick it up a notch. Stargazing is also easy because it can be a spontaneous activity that can quickly add magic to what otherwise would be a monotonous evening.
  2. Go to an arcade — You and your spouse were once kids and still have some of that inner wonder from childhood left inside of you. Go do something lighthearted and childlike, like going to an arcade or an amusement park to loosen up and have fun.
  3. Go on a thrift store date — This one is a little weird but can be quite a bit of fun. Go to a thrift store or several thrift stores with your spouse. Set a spending limit for each other and see who can pick out the funnest, weirdest or most interesting gifts for the other.
  4. Make your own fireplace — During the winter, you might want to stay indoors where it’s warmer. Not everyone has a fireplace, but you can put up a video of a log burning on the TV and set out a blanket for an indoor picnic by the “fire.” 

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